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The Ramble

Welcome to the ramble, where you’ll find musings, prompts, and other errata that comes out of my brain.


Erin Klitzke is a self-confessed gamer chick, geek-girl, and writer living in Michigan.  This site is a home for her musings, ramblings, and rantings unconfined to any specific topics.  Her major interests include history, writing, Renaissance festivals, science fiction and fantasy, tabletop RPGs, and various console and computer RPGs.  She lives in western Michigan, near the university where she earned her bachelor’s degrees.

She’s currently working on several major writing projects, having completed her master’s thesis on the uses of the Arthurian legend under Edward I-III of England back in 2011.  These projects include a few projects left over from NaNoWriMos past, When All’s Said and Done and When the Gods Cry, Awakenings, The Last Colony and Ashes to Ashes.  She’s also hard at work on the sequel to Epsilon: Broken Stars, Epsilon: Redeemer and the next several installments of the UNSETIC Files series, among other odds and ends.

She can be contacted via e-mail at doc (at) embklitzke (dot) com or at athensmcleod (at) hotmail (dot) com.

What do you write?

  • Fantasy (urban, epic)
  • Science fiction (space opera, adventure)
  • Paranormal
  • Post-apocalyptic
  • Non-fiction (history, political science, writing and technical how-to manuals)

If you like…

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  • The Pretender
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  • Earth2
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  • Mythology
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  • White Wolf’s World of Darkness
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  • Arthurian legend
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  • Medieval history
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