Basic update – 2.18.09

So the rough page count on the thesis stands at fifteen, including a page of figures (which is actually just a map from Caroline Shenton’s fantastic article from EHR 114).  About…hm.  Half of that is actual things written that I’ve thought through and mulled over in my brain.  All single spaced.  Still a ton of work to do, though — a huge, major ton of work to do, which may either commence tonight or tomorrow morning, I’ll decide after I’m done writing this (the sister brought me coffee from Starbucks, so I’m going to be up for a wihle longer, that’s for certain).  As for Epsilon, the count stands at six and a half pages (a shade over 4,000 words) on draft 3.5 (waiting on feedback from a couple folks on the beginning; I’ve been scribbling notes in a notebook like crazy for a couple weeks, though).  Not a bad start, considering I hadn’t really touched it in more than a year.  Things are looking to become far darker and strangely more interesting the more I stew over concepts and ideas for the story.

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Hello world!

First post of a new blog!  Kind of exciting (what’s more exciting is the fact that I finally decided to get my act together and put up a new site to replace my incredibly ancient, incredibly bad one).  I guess that’s the sort of thing you get up to when it’s maintenance day and you don’t feel like working on anything academic.

Stay tuned for updates!


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