The story of The Last Colony continues in Ashes to Ashes.

Legacies of the Lost Earth is on hiatus…

The human race slides toward war in the aftermath of a planet’s destruction.  This could be the last war humanity will ever suffer–unless the men and women of the Rose Foundation’s colony on E-557 can marshal their forces and gather enough allies to save humanity from itself…

No one’s sure what happened to Old Earth.  No one talks about it much.  It’s a dead world, a world of ghosts.  A world of nothingness.  Destroyed by human hands.  How many more worlds will we destroy before God sees fit to wipe away the blight on the universe?  This world won’t be that way.  It’s been agreed.  We’ve all agreed.  Only the Foundation decides who can come here, and we’re all dedicated to the same thing–not making the same mistakes that were made on other worlds.  Not making the same mistakes that they’ve made on New Earth, and some of the colony worlds.  We won’t make that mistake again.  We can’t afford to.

– Ariadne Quartermain, Foundation scout, c. 5089 PD

We spent four hundred years rediscovering the old technology, the technologies that some thought could have saved old Earth if it hadn’t been too late.  We wanted to save our worlds.  But no one would listen.  So we left.  We left, and our world will live even as theirs die like so many died before.
And we won’t let them do to our world what they’ve done to theirs.

– Katina Mason-Grace, early settler of E-557, c. 5090 PD

It’s been thousands of years since the human race fled like locusts from their dying homeworld. As a race, they’ve killed dozens of worlds since and kept right on moving. The colony world known as E-557 is different. Founded by the Rose Foundation and the Psychean Guard, its residents are dedicated to preserving their world and a simpler way of life, one living with the world they call their home as much as on the land.  They work to create an echo of humanity’s long-dead homeworld, Earth as it should have been but never was–with its natural wonders preserved for generations to come.  There are those within New Earth space, however, that want nothing more for the Foundation’s mission to fail so they can claim E-557 for themselves…

The year is 5249 PD, and war is coming to the farthest outpost of the human race.

The Last Colony is the first book in the Legacies of the Lost Earth series. It is a serialized novel by Erin M. Klitzke, updating Sundays.

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The Last Colony and associated work is copyright 2009-2024 Erin M. Klitzke.
Ashes to Ashes is the second book in the Legacies of the Lost Earth series.  It is a serialized novel by Erin M. Klitzke. Update schedule will be revised soon.

Ashes to Ashes and associated work is copyright 2009-2024 Erin M. Klitzke.

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