Lindsay Farragut

Name: Lindsay Sarai Farragut, member, Rose Council (The Oracle)
Allegiance: E-557, Rose Foundation/Psychean Guard
First appearance: The Last Colony, Chapter 2

The only daughter of Grant Channing and America Farragut, Lindsay was born on Mimir after the bombings that destroyed much of the planet’s surface. At two years old, her parents entrusted her to Adam Windsor and Rachel Farragut, who brought the toddler to E-557 and began a new life there with her. Lindsay was raised by her aunt Rachel, who identified her niece’s gift early on–or her curse, as some would say. It’s been said that she’s the most powerful psychic seer since Ryland LeSarte, one of the founders of the Rose Foundation.

Lindsay is known to the wider population of E-557 as “The Oracle,” whose visions are all but gospel to the men and women on the world. She holds a position on the Rose Council as a result of her gift, though she is often absent from their chambers–more often than not due to her gift. Her psychic ability is so strong that she is prone to sensory overload when traveling away from the isolated home she shares with Brendan Cho outside of Nova Spexi. She often takes measures to protect herself, but sometimes, they’re simply not enough. The summer of 5249 PD was especially difficult for her.

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