A note on psychic visions: Some readers who follow my other fiction serial, Awakenings, will notice a distinct pattern in how visions of the future work for those who have them (such as Lindsay and Brendan). Realize that this was not intentional at the time I first began to write The Last Colony and Awakenings, but only in hindsight did I notice the similarities. I have elected to keep them as they are because it’s what works for the narratives as a whole.

The Rose Council (E-557)

  • Sergei Petremoore, Speaker
  • Amelda Watson
  • Kara Grace-Forester
  • Rachel Farragut
  • D’Arcy Morgause
  • Mugabe Zenak
  • Daichi Arigato
  • Reine Oronoko
  • Yvgeny Tarasavich
  • Jensen Moore
  • Lindsay Farragut, the Oracle
  • Adian Church, Marshal
  • Adam Windsor, Marshal
  • Daciana Mason Rose, Marshal

Other characters on E-557

  • Brendan Cho
  • Alana Chase
  • Ezra Grace
  • Frederick Rose

Colonial Office (New Earth Commonwealth)

  • Padraig Danson
  • Miriam Jacobi
  • Amie Kaspersy

Office of the Inspector General (New Earth Commonwealth)

  • Sephora Damerian, Inspector General
  • Timrel Winston
  • Frederick Rose, Chief Commonwealth Inspector (Mimir bombings)

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