Alana Chase

Name: Alana Natalesca Chase, Colonel, Foundation Defense Forces (retired)
Allegiance: E-557, Rose Foundation/Psychean Guard (formerly Eurydice Compact)
First appearance: The Last Colony, Prologue

Alana Chase escaped the Eurydice Compact as an adult at the age of twenty with the help of Grant Channing. She promised him that she would protect his daughter, Lindsay Farragut, with her very life. For years after her arrival on E-557, Alana did that as a member of the defense forces for the world, retiring as Lindsay reached adulthood.

Prior to her escape from the Compact, Alana had been an elite soldier for the conglom. Her right arm is completely sheathed in cyberware and is her most remarkable augmentation. She has refused all offers to have the modification reversed over the years, but at the same time steadfastedly insists that she’s retired from military service.

She would die to protect Lindsay Farragut, though no one is quite certain why she takes her oath to Grant Channing quite so seriously.

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