Notes on E-557

This page answers a few questions that may pop up during the reading of The Last Colony and associated works.  If you have a question that’s not addressed here, leave a comment below and let me know you’re confused!

The calendar

The Post Diaspora (PD) calendar is the standard calendar of the universe.  The Post Diaspora calendar begins c. 2450 AD/CE, the date of the last recorded departure from the Sol system.

Months on E-557 (Twelve month calendar)

  • Primus
  • Secunda
  • Tertium
  • Quartia
  • Quintem
  • Sechem
  • Septimia
  • Octem
  • Novem
  • Deciem
  • Eindecem
  • Duodecem

Government and organizations

The major government extant among the humans of E-557’s era is the New Earth Commonwealth (NECom).  Ostensibly, all of the congloms, foundations, and other organizations must be registered with the Commonwealth and are regulated by the Commonwealth, but in practice this is largely a fallacy known to all except some people inside of the Commonwealth itself.

The Colonial Office

This organ of the New Earth Commonwealth handles the cataloging and regulation of planetary and system claims for all of humanity.  It also produces maps and sponsors exploratory missions–at least they used to, before budget cuts put a stop to that.

Office of the Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General investigates just about anything and everything–including violations of intergalactic law as agreed upon by the Commonwealth legislature.

The current Inspector General is Sephora Damerian.

 The Congloms and other organizations

Roughly short for “conglomerates,” congloms serve as not only employers but as governments.  Some are more strict than others.

Eurydice Compact

Chinasia Corp

Argopian LLC

The Wanderers

A religious organization that largely keeps to themselves.  Their major settlement is the waypoint at the Whispers.

Mission Systems LLC

Currently headquartered in the Comanche system, Mission Systems is one of the few independent ship-building conglomerates extant in the Commonwealth. In the past, it supplied many smaller congloms and organizations with ships of many types, from small craft for the Wanderers and Argopian LLC to warships for the Psychean Guard. Recently, Mission Systems, LLC has approached the Rose Foundation about reopening relations–and possibly relocating to the Eridani Trelasia system in the future.

Psychean Guard

Originally based on Mimir, the Psychean Guard was nominally a congolm dedicated to the preservation of knowledge.  It was also the only psychic-based conglom in existence, with over 70% of the Guard having varying degrees of psychic ability.  Though peaceful, the Guard military was a force to be reckoned with–which made the attack on Mimir through asteroid bombardment, aerial and terrorist attacks that much more shocking.

Rose Foundation

The Rose Foundation was the organization that located and settled E-557, a planet in the Eridani Trelasia system, in the late 51st century PD.  Founded c. 4845 by Sarah Farragut and a collection of other men and women, largely drawn from the Commonwealth proper and from the Psychean Guard, the foundation spent the better part of three centuries searching for an appropriate world to settle.

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  1. can you explain the Psychean Guard a little bit more? I assume that they are (or were) a network/organization of psychics, possibly based on Mimir (?) but that’s about all I can figure out.

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