Brendan Cho

Name: Brendan Anthony Cho (Cho Kaito), Commander, Foundation Defense Forces
Allegiance: E-557, Rose Foundation/Psychean Guard (formerly Chinasia Corp)
First appearance: The Last Colony, Prologue

Brendan Cho came to E-557 as part of an invasion force and stayed as a refugee–the only survivor of a failed attempt by Chinasia Corp to invade E-557 and obtain a foothold on one of its uninhabited continents. He was a ward of Rachel Farragut for several years, living with her and her niece, Lindsay Farragut. Brendan and Lindsay became close over the years and eventually married in secret.

He serves as a pilot and trainer for E-557’s defense forces. A low-grade psychic, his abilities didn’t manifest until after he came to E-557. He is one of the few pilots serving in the defense forces who does not have wetware installed to aid in piloting, marking him as a very skilled pilot indeed.

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