No update this week

Hate to do this, but there will be no update this week due to the celebrations surrounding the graduation of my youngest brother from high school.

It is the end of an era in the Troy School District.  There has been a Klitzke attending classes in the district in an unbroken thread since 1987 (longer, if you count the year I spent in preschool in the district).  Today marked an end to that long tradition.

L to R: Bill (class of '02), Max (class of '13), Erin (class of '00), and Natalie (class of '00)

L to R: Bill (class of ’02), Max (class of ’13), Erin (class of ’00), and Natalie (class of ’00)

(not pictured:  Kendall, class of ’10)

Look forward to an update next week involving Tim Winston digging for some answers–and Frederick Rose obliging him–and Sephora Damerian starting to navigate the terrifying new reality of the Commonwealth alongside men and women of the Colonial Office.

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