Update delayed – schedule change

Update:  Due to other projects eating my brain and a sudden increase in my workload at the office, and in the interest in giving y’all more than just a 300 word update every Tuesday, Ashes to Ashes will now update every other Tuesday.


Thank you for your understanding.

2 thoughts on “Update delayed – schedule change

  1. These other projects eating your brain. Are they using the right condiments while doing so? After all, any project wishing to eat brains must realized the proper condiments can make even the most bland self centered brain quite the delicacy.

    • Apparently so, because it’s hard to keep my mind off of it, even during the day job hours! On top of that, day job decided to go and get crazy intense (landed a new client with a tight timeline so we’re in scramble mode).

      I’m sure I’ll wrest control back sometime. I know elements of the next chapter…I just have to rescue my thoughts from the UNSETIC Files crew long enough to pound it into shape.

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