June gaming element challenge – Keys of Power: Libraes

Item Type: Artifact

This key is made of a vibrant Imperial purple gemstone in a simple, almost delicate design. It is unadorned except for the wheel-shaped ring at the end of the key. Libraes is said to be the key of balance, of centering, and of wise counsel. Legends say that when the counsel of past carriers of this key was not heeded, the end result was disastrous.

June gaming element challenge – Keys of Power: The Prophet’s Key

Item Type: Artifact

This key is translucent, but it seems to burn with some kind of odd, cold blue flame.  It bears what I can only assume is a reference to the ouroboros and yet at the key’s end this solidity fades into stylized smoke.  It is written that this key was held by some of the greatest prophets of our times and past ages, including the Oracle that uttered the Prophecy of the Twelve Kingdoms that eventually led to the rise of the vast empire of the west.  One tale says it came to the hands of one of its guardians given as payment to an old friend for a shipwright’s services and in turn passed on to a scholar for safekeeping.

June gaming element challenge – Keys of Power: The Key of Hope

Item Type: Artifact

The Key of Hope is a bright white moonstone key with an opalescent effect to it.  This key is most mysterious; those who have studied it have been wholly unable to divine its powers while it has been in their possession–though admittedly, scholars have rarely been able to study it.  It is in fact held in trust for the scion of a particular line and is safely secured at Santrellis for the time being.  The Key of Hope, like the Gatekeeper’s Key, has been passed down within a particular family line, though this passage can be traced for twice as long at least as the inheritance of the Gatekeeper’s Key.

June gaming element challenge – Keys of Power: The Gatekeeper’s Key

Item Type: Artifact

The keys of power are drawn and bound to particular carriers.

The Gatekeeper’s Key is a black moonstone key with silver veining that seems to have the power over life and death.  Tales also have it being known as the Assassin’s Key or Silentus’ Key.  A very few stories have it listed as Shadowen’s Key, but these do not seem to fit the tales of the man known as Shadowen.  Most refer to it as the Gatekeeper’s Key for various reasons, amongst them a particular tale that seems to indicate that the key’s true power is to open or close the gateway to the world beyond, to the heavens or the flames of the Hells.  It has been passed down the generations of a single family for at least the last five hundred years.

June gaming element challenge – Arcadius

Item Type: Deity

Arcadius – God of the earth

Arcadius, god of the earth, is often forgotten in the worship of those living in the “civilized” world.  The continent of Arcadia is sacred to him.
In truth, the elves largely worship the pairing of Immeria and Arcadius as the Goddess and God, the Divine Equals.  Many of the shrines and ruins in the wilds of Arcadia bear strong elven architectural features and were in fact crafted thousands of years ago by a combination of humans and elves that once lived on the massive continent).

Principle organizations: Kami no Kyoudai (Brothers Divine)

June gaming element challenge – Immeria

Item Type: Deity

Immeria – Goddess of the Sea

Immeria is the goddess sailors pray and sacrifice to, but only rarely, as much of Maraeternum are fairly irreligious in practice, though the belief is strong—enough sailors have seen her power at work to know that she is still a force in the world.  A shrine to the pale-haired goddess exists in every major port, usually tended by either a member of the Sorores Maritimae or the Kami no Kyoudai.  The Immersea is said to be sacred to her.

Principle organizations: Sorores Maritimae (Sisters Maritime), Kami no Kyoudai (Brothers Divine)

June gaming element challenge – Fragments of the Crownsong of Aristylia

Item Type: Fragments of a song or prophecy

The rise of the Unknown Star
Born of the moon’s light,
Of the black of night,
Blighted by betrayal, cursed and thrown down,
Forced to wait in silence and in doubt
For the coming of a new light
Born of two lines, pure and tainted,
Dark and light
But chosen of a Goddess shadowed,
Come to claim what once was lost
What once was stolen away
To claim the legacy of the Night and the Star.

With children grown
And from nest flown
Returned to the lands
Of a life long gone.
A threat from without and within
A fight that cannot be lost she must win.