War Drums

Awakenings: War Drums cover

The world ended on an August Sunday, and they were what was left…but they’re not alone.

Phelan Conrad came to the ruins of a Midwest university campus to help Seers Marin Astoris and Thom Ambrose survive in a wholly changed world.  But it seems that his presence may do more harm than good to the knot of Michigan survivors as they face escalating supernatural threats from all sides–including a goddess of Death.

Gray Miller and his friends found Aoife O’Credne wandering the Pennsylvania woods and took her in.  They didn’t realize that by doing so, they’d be sucked into a supernatural war more than a hundred generations old.

Neve Vaughan has carried a heavy burden–a magic sword as old as myth itself–since her return from beyond the pale.  When she finally finds the man destined to carry it, she believes that burden has been lifted–until she realizes that keeping the man she’s come to love alive is going to be a far more difficult task than she ever imagined.

The forces of darkness gather–is there any hope for heroes in a shattered world?

War Drums is the second book in the Awakenings series.

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