Epsilon: Redeemer


Synopsis: Lucas Ross is a man of secrets. As a leader of the Resistance, he has to be, because those secrets are what keeps him alive.

They could also get him killed, because Ross was once attached to a project that created brainwashed puppets and sleeper agents for the Imperium. He escaped with the help of Daniel Taylor, now head of the Imperium’s Special Projects division. Now they’re after him, both for what he knows and the symbol he could represent to the Resistance.

To top it all off, Ross has to find a way to restore the memory of one of the project’s more recent victims–an Alliance SpecOp who used to be the partner of Ross’s best friend, Aaron Taylor. He’s made a promise to keep her safe and help her regain her memory, and whatever the cost, Lucas Ross keeps his promises.

Timeframe: Sometime after Broken Stars
Group/units depicted: The Resistance
Important locales: Caldin, Castion, Aradine
Narrator: Lucas Ross (Resistance)

Publication type: Novel

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