When All’s Said and Done


The Institute was dead.

Ky Thatcher has spent the last four years of her life trying to forget. Then one August night, a ghost from her past brings reality slamming home: she has neither forgiven nor forgotten the organization that kidnapped her when she was nine years old.

The Institute is still alive.

For Ky and her allies, it becomes a race against time to stop the Institute before more lives are lost and more innocents can be broken. Confronting horrifying truths and far-reaching conspiracies, the angels and their newfound protectors bring the fight right to the Institute’s doorstep, knowing the price they may pay could be higher than they can bear.

The Institute has a plan.

The end is coming–they will make it happen, with or without their wayward angels, even as those angels make war on them. For the Institute, their goals are worth the blood spilled.  Sacrifices must always be made, after all.

When all is said and done, no matter what the cost, the Institute will fall.

A Lost Angels Chronicle.

Timeframe: Summer/Autumn, 2009
Locale(s): Michigan
Angels depicted: Ridley Thys, Laren Vespers, Hadrian Bridger, Allyson Conner, TS Thatcher, and Ky Monroe
Other major figures: Julia Kinsey, Damon Zakarian, Reece Bailey, James McCullough, and Matthew Thatcher

Publication type: Novel

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