Truth Will Set You Free

UNSETIC Files Truth Will Set You Free-1000
Jesse Stole’s mother was the daughter of a capo in the Mancini crime family.  He and his younger brother have tried to escape that legacy, but Jesse’s been sucked back into the shadowy world of organized crime–all in the pursuit of law and order.  His only saving grace is the woman he fears he’s lost forever.

Homicide detective Ryce Marshall returned from what was supposed to be a routine trip across the state line with amnesia–almost all trace of her past erased.  Her quest to restore her fragmented memory will put her on a collision course with an FBI investigator who’s in so deep over his head, he may never see the light of day again.

Tasked with the nigh-impossible task of getting a dangerous new drug off the streets, Agent William Scarborough uses every resource at his disposal in his fight against the syndicates distributing the drug.  When he tumbles down a rabbit hole into the supernatural, he’ll drag Stole and Marshall down with him.

Whether any of them are ready for it or not.

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