The Lost Angel Chronicles

The Institute called them their Angelic Legion.

They expected a few hundred children, properly trained, would be able to turn back the forces of hell when the End Times came.  There would be no Rapture, after all.  No one would be safe, not without the protection this legion.  This cult masquerading as a research organization thought it was doing everything right–by the “angels,” by their families, and by God.

They were wrong.

The children began to escape had other ideas.  Ky Monroe was the first to get away, but she wouldn’t be the last.  The tales in this universe tell the stories of the Institute’s victims as they return to the outside world.  Some of them come out ready to fight, others ready to simply run and hide.  There’s one common thread, though–each of these “Angels” has inborn talents, whether it’s to walk through walls, see the future, become invisible, or step outside of time itself.

With the help of FBI agent Matthew Thatcher, who lost his brother to the Institute, Ky Monroe plans to shut down the Institute once and for all.  It’s a far, far larger task than she bargains for, however, and what should only have been a footnote to both of their lives ends up being their life’s work.

Fast Facts

Genre: Modern paranormal/urban fantasy
Works in this universe: What Angels Fear, When All’s Said and Done

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