UNSETIC Files special preview/extra – Brigid, Tim, and AJ after the end of Bering Songs and Silence

UNSETIC Bering Songs and Silence tiny imageIf you haven’t read Bering Songs and Silence, you might want to stop reading right here and now and go do that before moving on.  Of course, folks who are currently reading The Man Who Made Monsters over at LP Loudon’s site will already know that something must have happened in the aftermath of Bering Songs and Silence, which is the story of the first mission for UNSETIC that Brigid O’Connell and Tim McConaway embarked on together.

Spoilers (and a preview of an upcoming piece, Lost and Found) below the cut.

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Snippet Sunday: Epsilon Broken Stars

This week’s snip is from Epsilon: Broken Stars–a bit of prose in which Aaron Taylor thinks of his beloved mother, Madeline, dead for several years by the time the story begins.Broken Stars cover - take two

In a universe where the fate of free worlds hangs in the balance, can one man make a difference?

The Resistance is a thin line of defense for the free planets of the Borderworlds.  The strip of former colonies forms a shrinking boundary between the Earth-controlled Drilin Imperium and the Epsilon Alliance, superpowers locked in a cold war a hundred years old.  It’s a no-man’s land home to billions living under the constant threat of Imperium invasion, a place where the Alliance dares not intercede for fear of sparking all-out war.

Aaron Taylor knows what’s at stake when he volunteers to join the Resistance.  The son of an Imperium general, the Alliance-trained military spy’s existence can be officially disavowed at a moment’s notice.  It’s work that’s already cost him everything he holds dear–including his beloved partner of seven years.

He joins the Resistance as a man with nothing left to lose at a time when the Resistance needs men like him the most.  It’s far from the disorganized rabble both the Alliance and the Imperium think it is, but without more able hands, the Borderworlds are doomed.  Soon, he begins to believe as they do–that there’s no hope for humanity without the men and women willing to fight and die for their homes on the border.

Torn between duty to both, when the chips are down, which will Taylor choose: the Alliance that made him, or the Resistance that made him its own?

Snippet below the break.

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Snippet Sunday – UNSETIC Files: Truth Will Set You Free (WIP)

This week’s snip is from a current work in progress with a slightly different flavor from other books in the UNSETIC Files series…at least to start.

UNSETIC Files Truth Will Set You Free-1000Homicide detective Ryce Marshall returned from what was supposed to be a routine trip across the state line with amnesia–almost all trace of her past erased. Her quest to restore her fragmented memory will put her on a collision course with an FBI investigator that’s fallen down a rabbit hole so deep, he may never climb out again.

Jesse Stole’s mother was the daughter of a capo in the Mancini crime family. He and his younger brother have tried to escape that legacy, but Jesse’s been sucked back into the shadowy world of organized crime–all in the pursuit of law and order. His only saving grace is the woman he fears he’s lost forever.

Tasked with the nigh-impossible task of getting a dangerous new drug off the streets, Agent William Scarborough uses every resource at his disposal in his fight against the syndicates distributing the drug. When he tumbles down a rabbit hole into the supernatural, he’ll drag Stole and Marshall down with him.

Whether any of them are ready for it or not.

Snippet below the break!

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Snippet Sunday – UNSETIC Files fragments

This week’s snippet Sunday is a little different.  You see, there are characters and ideas that gnaw at the back of my brain and won’t go away until I get them down on paper. This is the case with the characters you’re going to meet in this week’s snippet–a pair that don’t have a solid place in the UNSETIC universe beyond knowing that they’re there and doing things.

Two vaguely connected scenes in chronological order below the break.

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Snippet Sunday: Epsilon Universe extra

This week’s snippet is from the Epsilon universe.

Sam Cooper is Lucas Ross’s second in the Resistance.  Mac Desantis is Aaron Taylor’s pilot and temporary partner while he’s assigned to the Borderworlds, doing what the regular military can’t–supporting the Resistance in their bid to keep the Borderworlds free from the Imperium.

A funny thing happened when Sam met Mac.

They fell in love.

This never-before-seen scene is an imagining of a could be scenario that doesn’t fit into the current scheme of projects in the universe but I can’t help but share.

Snippet below the break.

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Snippet Sunday – UNSETIC Files: The Measure of Dreams (WIP)

The snip below is from the UNSETIC File The Measure of Dreams–the tale of Alisa McConaway and Kate Berkshire and their hunt for the two men they love.

The Measure of DreamsWhat would you do if someone offered to give you the most important men in your life back after you’d lost them?

AJ McConaway lost her brother and her fiancée during Operation: Iraqi Freedom on the same day within hours of each other.  Ten months later, she learns everything she thought she knew about their disappearance was wrong.

Kate Berkshire knew that something strange had happened back in June of ’07 when her lover and his best friend vanished from the cockpits of their planes.  She knows because she found one of the downed craft with no trace of its pilot, ejected or otherwise.  When an old friend offers her the opportunity to bring them home again, she jumps at the chance without realizing the magnitude of her choice.

Now, both women have to decide if they’re willing to brave the pathways between worlds.  Someone–or something–that walks those pathways has taken Mat O’Brien and Tim McConaway from them.  How far are they willing to go to bring them home again?

Is it worth the world?

Snippet below the break.

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