And it rolls on

Had a guild meeting last night for RoA, which went very well, mercifully.  God only knows what I’d have done if it hadn’t gone well.  It’s such a different animal than AF was, but at the same time it’s really the same.

Jude got threatened last night by a new “evil” guild.  It’s nice to be told that someone inside of your own organization wants to kill you…and then even nicer to surprise them by being wholly unsurprised.  But that’s the nature of the beast.  Jude’s from a noble house of Lordaeron.  She’s a member of the Kirin-Tor.  She doesn’t always play by the rules of the game–of anyone’s game.  Of course people would want to end her.  It’s why Lyyn does what she does.  But yeah…impressive show of RoA solidarity walking out of the guild meeting.  Fun times for all!

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Hello world!

First post of a new blog!  Kind of exciting (what’s more exciting is the fact that I finally decided to get my act together and put up a new site to replace my incredibly ancient, incredibly bad one).  I guess that’s the sort of thing you get up to when it’s maintenance day and you don’t feel like working on anything academic.

Stay tuned for updates!