June gaming element challenge – Keys of Power: The Prophet’s Key

Item Type: Artifact

This key is translucent, but it seems to burn with some kind of odd, cold blue flame.  It bears what I can only assume is a reference to the ouroboros and yet at the key’s end this solidity fades into stylized smoke.  It is written that this key was held by some of the greatest prophets of our times and past ages, including the Oracle that uttered the Prophecy of the Twelve Kingdoms that eventually led to the rise of the vast empire of the west.  One tale says it came to the hands of one of its guardians given as payment to an old friend for a shipwright’s services and in turn passed on to a scholar for safekeeping.

June gaming element challenge – Immeria

Item Type: Deity

Immeria – Goddess of the Sea

Immeria is the goddess sailors pray and sacrifice to, but only rarely, as much of Maraeternum are fairly irreligious in practice, though the belief is strong—enough sailors have seen her power at work to know that she is still a force in the world.  A shrine to the pale-haired goddess exists in every major port, usually tended by either a member of the Sorores Maritimae or the Kami no Kyoudai.  The Immersea is said to be sacred to her.

Principle organizations: Sorores Maritimae (Sisters Maritime), Kami no Kyoudai (Brothers Divine)