Updated cover reveal for The Measure of Dreams

I’m almost finished with the main draft of the next UNSETIC Files book, The Measure of Dreams, which tells the story of how AJ McConaway and Kate Berkshire meet and begin working together.  AJ and Kate are number one and two in the trifecta of heroines that keep Tim McConaway (Bering Songs and Silence) from going completely off the deep end–or worse, somehow returning to the kidnappers who twisted him into their own image.  Kate’s already met the third of their trio at the time of The Measure of Dreams, but AJ hasn’t and won’t until she gets a phone call from one Lieutenant Brigid O’Connell at the end of Bering Songs and Silence.

I anticipate releasing The Measure of Dreams sometime this spring (oh god, did I just set a deadline for myself?  I think I did!) and with this anticipated release I’d been looking at the cover I’d originally designed.

I decided I didn’t like it and needed something better.

So I made something better and here it is!  I hope you all like it as much as I do.

The Measure of DreamsStay tuned for more tie-ins to The Measure of Dreams coming soon (including stats so you can use AJ McConaway in your modern or near future d20 games) as well as a firm release date for the E-book.