Another Awakenings update!

I’m now posting Chapter 4 of Awakenings and will complete the posting of that chapter tomorrow, then move on to Chapter 5 on Monday and a resumption of multiple PoVs for about a week or so before Chapter 6 takes us back into Marin’s dysfunctional brain (not that her brain is any more or less functional than those of any of her friends).  Chapter 6 will also finally get the story off of Day Zero (toss confetti and celebrate, they’ve survived the first day of the end of the world and the birth of the new).

For the folks who haven’t been exposed to it yet, take a peek.

On another note, I’m finally listed on not one, but three webfiction sites!  I’ve been listed on Web Fiction Guide (online novels, reviews), Novels Online, and the Web Fiction Wiki.  The direct links to my listing for the Web Fiction Guide and the Fiction Wiki are here and here.  It’s very exciting.

I’ve been advised by an old colleague from a past job (and current volunteer gig) that I should put up a Paypal donate button.  Still a little on the fence, since most of my readers at the moment know me personally.  If any said friends have thoughts on this, please leave me a note or poke me!

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