General update on current projects

Still fighting to strike a balance between the new (though not so new at this point, since I’ll have been there for six months next week) 40-hour a week job and my writing life, but I’m still scraping time together to work.  The webfiction (Awakenings: War Drums and The Last Colony) eats up a lot of time because I ran through my backlog about six months ago, but I enjoy working on it.  The Last Colony will be ending soon and then I’ll be taking a break for a little while to work up a backlog for the sequel, Ashes to Ashes, before I start posting it.

It took me longer than usual this year to come up with what I’ll be working on for NaNoWriMo this year.  I know there are quite a few pros out there who scream and holler not to bother with it, but I’ve been doing it for enough years that I know it helps me at least get something done.

This year’s project is a collection of shorter works in the same universe of Lost Angel Chronicles and UNSETIC Files.  It’s called UNSETIC: In the Beginning, and is a braided thread of tales wending its way through the early years of UNSETIC on through to later years, when Angels such as Ridley Thys join the organization.  It’s ambitious, but I’m getting good feelings about it and I’m excited.

The nice thing about November, for as crazy as it is, is that there’s a chunk of time where I will be able to write (or read, which happens about as often) on a five hour drive between home and extended family in another state.  That period of time usually makes or breaks any project I happen to be working on.

Still working on Epsilon: Redeemer and the updated draft of When All’s Said and Done and they’re progressing, though perhaps not as quickly as I’d like.  I blame Phelan, Cameron, J.T., Marin, Neve, and Thom for chewing on my synapses and when they’re not, it’s all about Brigid O’Connell and Tim McConaway.

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