Goals status check – Mid-January

As I sit here watching Once Upon a Time (and cheering on Belle as she embarks on a “solo” adventure back in fairy-tale land, apparently with Mulan as suspected), I’ve decided to punch up an update on the goals I announced a couple weeks back.

  • When All’s Said and Done completed by mid-year, published by end of year ** Marginally on track. 
  • Legacies of the Lost Earth: The Last Colony edited and published by end of February ** Haven’t touched this editing yet.
  • Epsilon: Redeemer completed by mid-year, published by end of year  ** Marginally on track.
  • UNSETIC Files: In the Beginning – at least two collection stories completed by end of January and published as ebooks by end of March  ** Already published the first of this pair; second is in the hands of someone who gets to double-check some specific dialogue for me before I can do final edits.
  • Awakenings:  War Drums available as ebook and in print by end of June.  ** This requires me to reach the end of the story I’m trying to tell with War Drums first.  We’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned for more updates….

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