I’ve joined the Dark Side (oh, and an Epsilon: Broken Stars update)

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I finally broke down and got a Twitter account after resisting the urging to do so for quite some time (I never saw the point, and then Writer’s Digest, Etsy people, Poets and Writers magazine, and several other sources encouraged me vigorously to do so).  So now I’m known as EMBKDoc on Twitter, so you can follow me as you see fit.  Or don’t follow me, that’s up to you (if you aren’t on Twitter yet, there’s no reason for you to get it just so you can follow me.  I followed Caitlin Kittredge without being on Twitter for months before I actually hit the “follow” link on Twitter).

Ended up not having to go into work today, so I took Stupid the Wonder Mutt for two walks today, and dove head-first into work on Epsilon: Broken Stars.  This occurred mostly because the Awakenings cast was being obstinate this morning and I’ve given up on making my WeSeWriMo goal (I’ll call it all a victory if I manage to keep myself two weeks ahead when it comes to Awakenings.  It’s a lot of work!).

I finished a new Chapter 5 for Broken Stars about fifteen minutes ago and will shortly commence work on an unexpected new Chapter 6.  The additional chapter isn’t a bad thing at all and gives me some interesting options going forward, I think, especially as I work on revisions and continue with the series at large.  Chapter 5 includes some teasers for later plotlines as well as a bit of background for the universe itself (I have a lot of backstory worked up for the universe, truth be known, probably because I’ve worked on it for so bloody long.  I had to promise Mike I wouldn’t spoil more of it for him than I already have!).  I also revealed Sam Cooper’s Resistance code name: Page of Blades.

It makes sense when you think about her sister being the Ace of Spades.  When you really, really think about it.

Tomorrow’s another day off work, though at least part of that will be given over to some WoD action, I think.  I need to write more journal updates for Haley…

But that’s for later.  Now, there’s other writing to be done!  Back to Aaron Taylor’s brain…

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2 Replies to “I’ve joined the Dark Side (oh, and an Epsilon: Broken Stars update)”

  1. I could find no other way to contact you so I am using this comment box. I just found and started reading Awakenings. I have read through the entire Archive in two sittings. I wanted to let you know I found a few broken “next” buttons.
    The next button from Day One, Ch 6-05 > D1, C6-06 non-functional
    “ D1, C6-06 > D3, C7-01 “
    “ D3, C7-02 > D3, C7-03 “
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Awakenings and commend you on the realism. One question I have is, with so many understanding about the Fae, Sidhe, and Unseelie, why is no one armed with iron? Disregard whether or not iron affects the Others in your story reality, going around with rebar and iron pipes as walking staves/weapons just makes a lot of sense. Besides, they make damn good pry bars when you need the leverage.

    1. I’ll fix that straightaway. It probably broke when I transferred the monster over to a larger database after the site got hacked (the database I swapped to had an older version of the site saved on it and sometimes WordPress doesn’t like to overwrite things that are already in the database). Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

      As for the Fae/Seelie vs. Unseelie, ect — I hadn’t really thought about it, but then again, when it comes to what happened to the Garden, we’re not dealing with an issue of Fae vs. Fae, we’re dealing with something else entirely. Still, the iron is a really good idea. Hopefully one of the characters will come up with it soon…

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