June gaming element challenge – Song of Imantheia

Item Type: Lament

Dimly, my light doth shine,
Softly, my song comes.
Our end is nigh,
But, lo, our hope springs
Eternally, desperately.

The Gods have cried out
O, sons and daughters,
What have thee done?
The gifts we have granted thee,
Thou hath squandered,
Misused, and now thou art damned.”

And so we are lost.
We are the accursed ones,
The gifted ones.
The Lost Ones.
The ones who lived on.
The ones who might have died
If not for the mercy of the Gods.

We are what remains,
We are the ones that remember.
We are the ones that pray
One day, we shall be redeemed.
One day the sky will burn
One day the sea will boil
One day the world will begin again.

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