NaNoWriMo 2017 prep – Day 22

  • Ryce Marshall, by now tracked for the assistant chief of detectives position for Manhattan, will react with some (not-so-mild) concern regarding the body that the newly minted Detective Wakefield finds near the hospital at his crime scene. This concern leads her reach out not only to her superiors in UNSETIC and to Cassidy Beckett (a longtime friend), but also to personally reach out to Wakefield himself, which startles the detective (since it’s not typically every day that a deputy chief of detectives for Manhattan personally reaches out to you on a case).  She warns him to tread carefully.  She toys with having him pulled from the case, but settles instead for keeping a close eye on things—at least at the outset.
  • The victim Wakefield finds near the hospital is not the last that he’ll find during his investigation.
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