NaNoWriMo 2017 prep – Days 25-27

About half of this is actually from the previous couple days.

  • The current primarch of New York does not have much interest left in keeping the peace with the others in the city and Cassidy Beckett is starting to realize that, especially when apparently vampiric murders begin to take place—or, at least, murders that appear to be vampiric on the surface.
  • Bachman-Koch is definitely involved in the attempt on Daisha (and Becca, who was the true target) and has gotten its claws into the current primarch—or it might be the other way around.  There is also a connection to the Methuselah, though this may not be truly uncovered.
  • Beckett will confront the primarch over his willingness to let a war break out in the city. She will remind him of the risks to himself and the rest of the Brethren in New York.  He does not take her threat of hanging him out to dry seriously.
    • Shortly after, the primarch will get his hands on Adrias Cross and in an incident unrelated to his confrontation with Beckett will order the vampire’s final death. This sets the primarch and Beckett on a collision course.
  • The book starts with Brigid getting her twin children off to school on September 11, 2027. She’s been asked to come in at their school to give a talk about Patriot’s Day and the attack on New York now twenty-six years in the past.  She gets the phone call from Seth in the middle of getting the kids out the door that things are far more complicated than John originally suspected.
    • It’s the twins’ freshman year of high school.
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