No schedules, but goals

I learned my lesson with this past year–setting a schedule for myself when it comes to projects doesn’t work, in large part because I get too ambitious.

A lot has changed for me in 2012, especially my employment situation. I went from a part-time retail position to a full-time office/customer service position that’s also had me traveling in the past couple of months. It’s been an amazing experience for me so far and I’ve already learned a lot in the eight months I’ve been with the company. However, the 8-5 (sometimes 10-7) position hasn’t afforded me the same opportunities to write that I used to have. I’m still adjusting my sleeping schedule and sorting out exactly how much sleep I need versus how alert I will be in the morning. It’s getting better, but it’s not quite there yet.

This being said, I’ve got some goals for 2013.

  • When All’s Said and Done completed by mid-year, published by end of year
  • Legacies of the Lost Earth: The Last Colony edited and published by end of February
  • Epsilon: Redeemer completed by mid-year, published by end of year
  • UNSETIC Files: In the Beginning – at least two collection stories completed by end of January and published as ebooks by end of March
  • Awakenings:  War Drums available as ebook and in print by end of June.

I’m not willing to get any more ambitious than that–and even that’s probably more ambitious than I should be, considering that I will be starting up Legacies of the Lost Earth again shortly with Ashes to Ashes and continuing to keep up a schedule on Awakenings.

It’s important to have goals–but it’s also important to have goals that are achievable.  Otherwise, they mean nothing at all.

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