The Court of Twelve and the UNSETIC Files

Everyone who’s a fan of the UNSETIC Files–or just Tim McConaway and Brigid O’Connell, or James McCullough, or Ridley Thys–can thank LP Loudon at this point, loudly and often.  For the people who don’t know (possibly because they haven’t read Between Fang and Claw), LP Loudon is the brain behind the Hunters (remember Mara, Galahad, and of course, David Tierney?) and one of my longtime roleplaying buddies and, in the past few years, writing partners.  There had been plans between the two of us for some time to interweave my UNSETIC Files stories and her Hunterverse stories, but we’d never quite talked about when that might happen–it was always pushed out into some nebulous future time frame.

As of this past weekend, that time has already started.

I’ll be collaborating with LP on her Court of Twelve serial, The Man Who Made Monsters and with its subsequent sequels.  Monsters is set more than a decade after the stories where we first meet many of the UNSETIC characters that will be appearing in the serial (roughly 2022–we meet Jim McCullough in 2006 with Between Fang and Claw, Tim McConaway, Kate Berkshire, and AJ McConaway in 2008 with The Measure of Dreams, Ridley Thys in 2009 with What Angels Fear, and Brigid O’Connell in 2010 with Bering Songs and Silence), but not to worry!  I still have very definite plans to fill in the gap of time left between those initial appearances and Monsters, and future works will be written with the knowledge that The Man Who Made Monsters is out in the world and that people just might be curious about how and when certain things come to pass.

UNSETIC’s debut in The Man Who Made Monsters is currently set for July 23.

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