Writing update for July 17

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Progress on Epsilon is coming along very, very well at this point, though the fact that I’ve been working on it so hard lately has caused a bit of concern amongst some of my friends (who have since been reassured that I am not, in fact, going completely off my nut).  Book 1 is past the midway point and the critiques I’ve been getting at Critique Circle have only pointed out one or two things, which is good and makes me that much more confident about what I’m doing.

I have quite a bit more work to do on The Last Colony, however, but I think I can handle that–and if I can’t, well, the only person that gets hurt is me.  Awakenings is doing okay, though hits are down the past week or so.

I’m under deadline to get the short story “Falling Stars” prepped for a possible anthology.  If the anthology itself falls through, I’ll probably expand it slightly and then release it through smashwords as a 99¢ short story ebook, probably with a preview of Epsilon book 1.

If anyone’s got ideas on a title for Epsilon book 1, please leave me a note to that regard.  At this point, it’ll probably be three sections, two from Aaron’s point of view and one from Caren’s point of view, bringing everything up to the beginning of the Unification War.  Book 2 will probably deal mostly with the Unification War, leaving later books to deal with later conflicts.

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