And it rolls on

Had a guild meeting last night for RoA, which went very well, mercifully.  God only knows what I’d have done if it hadn’t gone well.  It’s such a different animal than AF was, but at the same time it’s really the same.

Jude got threatened last night by a new “evil” guild.  It’s nice to be told that someone inside of your own organization wants to kill you…and then even nicer to surprise them by being wholly unsurprised.  But that’s the nature of the beast.  Jude’s from a noble house of Lordaeron.  She’s a member of the Kirin-Tor.  She doesn’t always play by the rules of the game–of anyone’s game.  Of course people would want to end her.  It’s why Lyyn does what she does.  But yeah…impressive show of RoA solidarity walking out of the guild meeting.  Fun times for all!

Eye appointment to be off to in a bit.  Yay for new glasses + contacts (maybe, I have to see how expensive they’d be.  I should just get them, really).  And then home for the evening, to play some WoW, work on some Epsilon draft 3.5.1 and putter on some ISRP.

Yes, ISRP!  Holy crap, I’ve shown my ugly mug around there again, and will be a bit more.  Cassidy Beckett has been needed at little bit, amongst others.  Brigid and Tim should show their faces again (which means I need to read up on my Mage again).

Started the redraft of Epsilon again.  Decided to start with Aaron’s darkest hours after all…before it gets darker still for him.  Haley and John picked him up at the spaceport in Perie.  And so it rolls from there.  Word count stands at just past 1k words on this new draft.  Probably shifting away from the old name of the resistance to the Drilin and to simply calling it “the resistance.”  Which Aaron and Haley are waxing a little philosophical about currently.  We’ll see where that ends up.

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