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Chapter one of draft 3.5.1 seems to be largely complete with a scene between Aaron and Jack wrapping it up.  Ahh, Jack!  How we will miss thee when you’re gone!  Chapter one came in at about 3700 words and I’m into chapter two already.  iTunes is up and playing (bought more music — again), the main floor of the house is vaccuumed, and I’ve got a fresh cup of coffee and an hour before I’m supposed to find out whether or not I’m working today.  We’ll see what pans out.

Because it’s such a beautiful quote about most of chapter one (sorry, Jennie!), a friend’s response after having read it: “It’s a little confusing for a beginning of a story – which is merely a note for later, when you’re able to come back and add to it.  At the moment, I’m enjoying the Aaron-eye view of wretchedness.  *grins*”

Yup.  Pretty much sums up what I was going for (well, except for the confusion part.  Another friend’s seen it and didn’t think it was confusing, so…we’ll see what pans out as I get a couple more folks unfamiliar with the story and setting to tell me what they think).  Welcome to Aaron Taylor’s darkest hours–what he thinks are his darkest hours, anyhow.

On another note…last night was Torg night, and if there was ever a night where I was sure a campaign was going to come to a premature end, it was last night.  Captured by the Holnists and given a night to prove that we were, in fact, out to save the world, we were fresh out of good ideas, which in the end devolved into us coming up with stupid and crazy ideas.  The two that won?  Calling a reality storm down on an Eidenos (lizardman) that the Holnists had in a nearby cage…or letting one of our two melee combat folks duel with the leader of the camp to prove that we were better and stronger.  Both options hinge on our ability to not talk, but roll well.  We don’t often roll well.

Side note:  it’s nice to know our fairy can cast open lock in Core Earth and not disconnect on it.  Magic axiom for open lock?  Six.  Magic axiom for Core Earth?  Seven.  It’s not a contradiction, apparently minor cantrips work in Core Earth no problem.

So, we decide that the option more likely to work, in the end, is Ren (my character) calling down a reality storm on the Eidenos.  I struggle at making it all dramatic and stuff (still going by the code of “What would Allison do?”–Allison being the Terra version of me, or so we’re assuming) and having the Holnists really not cooperate…tap an Eternity Shard and call down a reality storm…with a success level one point shy of creating a maelstrom.  Which was a happy thing, because maelstroms would be bad.

Of course, at that point, our cute little heretic from Cyberfrance goes postal (mind you, her player wasn’t there, but we’ve agreed that she’d have done what the GM had her do).  Enough said.  Three rounds later, I’ve killed the storm.  Three rounds after that, we’re beating feet out of there.

Problem solved?  We’ll see.  At least my GM doesn’t have to wait anymore to see me use my reality skill as a weapon…not that I really want to do that again ever.


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