On to chapter two! (and other such fun things)

Chapter one of draft 3.5.1 seems to be largely complete with a scene between Aaron and Jack wrapping it up.  Ahh, Jack!  How we will miss thee when you’re gone!  Chapter one came in at about 3700 words and I’m into chapter two already.  iTunes is up and playing (bought more music — again), the main floor of the house is vaccuumed, and I’ve got a fresh cup of coffee and an hour before I’m supposed to find out whether or not I’m working today.  We’ll see what pans out.

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Wednesday update

Work was okay ’til the end today.  We’ll leave it at that.  The end sucked.


On a brighter note, having gone to the mall at 8:30 this morning, I got to sit with my music and write, so I worked on Epsilon.  We’re up to 3400 words even on the new draft.

Torg tomorrow night!  Very excited.  But I’m always excited for gaming.

And it rolls on

Had a guild meeting last night for RoA, which went very well, mercifully.  God only knows what I’d have done if it hadn’t gone well.  It’s such a different animal than AF was, but at the same time it’s really the same.

Jude got threatened last night by a new “evil” guild.  It’s nice to be told that someone inside of your own organization wants to kill you…and then even nicer to surprise them by being wholly unsurprised.  But that’s the nature of the beast.  Jude’s from a noble house of Lordaeron.  She’s a member of the Kirin-Tor.  She doesn’t always play by the rules of the game–of anyone’s game.  Of course people would want to end her.  It’s why Lyyn does what she does.  But yeah…impressive show of RoA solidarity walking out of the guild meeting.  Fun times for all!

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The best laid plans…

So…apparently, Aaron wants to visit his darkest hour sooner than intended.  I’ve been thinking, and maybe draft 3.5.1 is in the offing (which basically means another fast forward and 3.5, like 3.0, becomes background for everything that comes later).  Anyhow, that’s what’s percolating in my brain, and has been since about 5:15 this evening.  We’ll see what’s born of it after I sleep on it, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea–the more it makes sense to me, more sense than starting it with the mission that breaks him and telling that story pretty much start to finish.

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Enter the A’duuin!

So I came up with what the consortium of non-human races that have positive relations with the Epsilon Alliance call themselves:  The A’duuin.  It fit better than something like “the League” or anything like that (the League just makes me think of the League of non-aligned worlds from Babylon 5).  Colloquially, humans of the Alliance simply term their non-human trade partners and sometime allies as “the Races.”  But these people wouldn’t call themselves that.  Hence, A’duuin.

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