Down a rabbit hole

One of the things I promised myself that I would do in 2023 is stream more, and as such I’ve been doing things to help prepare myself to do just that. Among those things was, in fact, getting Streamlabs set up again and going through overlays and that kind of fun stuff. This was made a bit more challenging due to the fact that I had to do a wipe and reinstall of Windows on my desktop (which was something I didn’t finish until almost 1 pm today), so I lost a few things related to Streamlabs in the shuffle.

Among the things lost were some elements of overlays, which is what led me to my current rabbit hole. Back when I first started to do a bit of streaming here and there, I’d considered possibly making my own overlays. I quickly backed off the notion for various reasons, but in searching around for alternatives to the overlays I have, I discovered that apparently it’s easier to make them now than it used to be.

So now I’ve found myself exploring the possibilities of making stream overlays–because clearly, I need another creative outlet beyond the 900 I already have.

Stay tuned for more updates – including what’s in store for the coming year. I’m promising right now to post more and to write more this year.

At least, that’s the goal.

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